Los Barrios (Cádiz)

Emblematic building that houses offices, commercial and service spaces.

The emblematic building 'Torres de Hércules' has become a representative symbol of the city of Algeciras. At the time of its inauguration - October 2009 - it was the tallest building in Andalusia, with its 126 metres in height. At present, it is second only to the Pelli Tower (Seville). 

It is located in the Las Marismas del río Palmones Business and Technology Park, in the town of Los Barrios (Cádiz).

The 'Torre de Hércules Business Center' joined the NYESA Group in March 2019, with 92 offices, two retail units and 144 parking spaces.

This modern business centre is home to multiple offices and catering establishments. One of the companies with headquarters in the 'Torres de Hércules' is the Danish shipping company Maersk, one of the large companies that control the world shipping sector, which undoubtedly increases the value and potential of the building. All of this, added to the special and valuable proximity to the ports of Algeciras (one of the most important in Europe) and Gibraltar, accounts for the towers' important attraction.

Designed by the Cordovan architect Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys (creator of such emblematic buildings as the Gran Vía 48 in Madrid and the Repsol Campus), the structure has a great visual impact, generated by the imposing projection of these two enormous identical cylindrical towers, 25 metres in diameter and 20 storeys high, linked by a crystalline prism that allows them to communicate with each other and amplifies sustainability and energy savings. 

But it is undoubtedly the portentous exterior that gives the complex its fascinating particularity. A representative concrete latticework envelops them completely, and on it one can read, in the form of a hieroglyphic inscription, the legendary "Non Plus Ultra", in reference to the legendary columns of Hercules, present in the Spanish coat of arms, which were erected there and which announced to sailors the end of the sea and the beginning of the unknown. The columns symbolise the strength and potential of the complex.

The originality of the lattice also favours the natural lighting of the interiors, thus causing significant energy savings, and provides natural protection against the excessive sunlight of the glass enclosure, while allowing unique panoramic views over the Bay of Algeciras, the Rock of Gibraltar and the Serranía.

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