NYESA holds a valuable meeting with the media

On Thursday 28th April, NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN held an important meeting with the media, with the main objective of strengthening ties and updating the situation of a company that has taken important decisions for its future over the last few months.

The event, which took place at the Gavinia restaurant in Madrid, was in fact a postponed but unavoidable meeting. NYESA, applying a basic criterion of responsibility, was aware of the importance of holding this meeting in order to enhance the Group's image and to report on the latest operations and decisions aimed at consolidating the company's stability.

The meeting, which was a great success, was attended by around 20 journalists from as many media outlets. Company executives, directors and investors were also present.

The event began with the presentation of the new image - a renewed logo - and the Group's new website, fundamental actions, in line with the new stage initiated and in line with the new postulates set out in the Viability Plan designed by the company. Both initiatives have been another step forward in the consolidation process undertaken by NYESA, aware of its role as an economic and social agent.

New additions

In line with this active line of regeneration, Liberto Campillo, Director of Development and Expansion at NYESA, and Carlos Lafuente, Head of Legal Affairs, spoke next. Both expressed their confidence in a transformative project, focused on reducing debt and building a future based on diversity, collaboration and shared challenges.

In this regard, both Liberto Campillo and Carlos Lafuente stated that the possibility of liquidation of the company was "highly improbable", a statement that evidences the gradual strength that the Group is acquiring. Campillo also underlined the intention to generate economies of scale by associating with companies with high liquidity and no debt. In this regard, he announced NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN's intention to incorporate new partners in the coming months, which will bring in valuable resources. Accordingly, and in line with the strategy envisaged, he stated that a proposal will be made at the next General Shareholders' Meeting, scheduled for June, to incorporate new companies into the Group's network. These will be strategic companies, with high added value and clearly adapted to our new economic and social interests.

A path of consolidation

On the other hand, Lafuente emphasised the latest and transcendental news generated by the company and which have been the result of conscientious and responsible work by a group of professionals aware of the future of the Group. The CNMV's approval of the last two capital increases, the latest results for the 2021 financial year and the agreement reached with Liberbank are the best proof of a long-standing effort that is beginning to bear fruit.

Finally, both the director of Expansion and the legal director of NYESA emphasised the latest decision taken to establish the company's stability: Mariano Schoendorff, NYESA's reference shareholder, has acquired the credit rights that Banco Sabadell held against NYESA, a decision that could lead to a reduction in debt of around 11 million euros, and which, as has already been stated, is a priority objective for the company. In the meantime, Mariano Schoendorff expressed his intention to capitalise this debt, while stating his total commitment to the company.