The wedding industry confirms its boom and breaks records in 2022

The worst is behind us. Fortunately, one of the sectors that suffered the most during the pandemic is returning to the path of recovery after two years in the desert. And, moreover, to a recovery that is beating all the figures.

According to the Association of Wedding Professionals (APBE), so far this year nearly 190,000 weddings have been contracted. A record figure that reflects the 'boom' of a sector that needed stability, confidence and minimum security parameters to return to the path of success. A guaranteed success because the intention of Spaniards to get married (by one means or another) and celebrate with their loved ones what is, without a doubt, one of the most important days of our lives is guaranteed.

As a reference, to put in value that figure, it is worth noting that, according to data provided by the INE, in 2020 -already in the middle of the pandemic- marriages fell to 90,670, when a year earlier there had been 166,530. Last year, 2021, the recovery was already beginning to be seen and the number of marriages climbed to 147,823, 63% more than in 2020. Well, now, between the postponed and the new ones, we are close to 190,000. The desert crossing seems to be over.

Future trends also point to this good outlook. The forecast for 2023 is very similar to this year's levels, maintaining a volume 15% higher than pre-pandemic levels. So it's all good news.

Venta Reyes' (Chinchón). Interior hall

Trade fairs consolidate

Another indicator of the strength with which the sector is taking off again is the return in style of the wedding and communion fairs. A few days ago, 'Belmoda', the most important fair in Andalusia, closed with the attendance of more than 17,000 people.

1001 Bodas', the great Exhibition of Products and Services for celebrations, closed its doors in Madrid on October 30 with a resounding success in attendance, 10,700 visitors, in a key edition for the promotion of the events and celebrations sector. And the same happened with the return in style of the 'Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week' (BFFW), which two months before the event had already hung the sold-out sign.

Madrid and 'Venta Reyes

And it is the community of Madrid a territory that is at the head of the regions in which occur a greater number of celebrations. The sector of weddings, baptisms and communions enjoys a splendid health in the grounds of the capital.

So much so that the Ministry of Tourism presented last year a new tourist product: 'Madrid Destination Wedding', with which, taking advantage of the tourist potential of our country and the region, seeks to position the Madrid community as an ideal wedding destination for foreigners or those Spanish citizens who want to get married outside their place of residence. A project that aims to benefit from the pull of a booming sector, such as the 'destination wedding' (the celebration of weddings outside the country of origin), which generates a business of more than 75,000 million dollars.

And the truth is that the Community of Madrid has an enviable range of services and infrastructure and a very competitive tourist offer, such as the eleven Villas of Madrid, among which is the town of Chinchón, a Historic-Artistic Site since 1974 and one of 'The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain'.

Venta Reyes' (Chinchón). Exterior detail

The Madrid town is home to one of NYESA's main assets, 'Venta Reyes'. An extraordinary complex of just over 6,000 m2 populated with narrow streets, gardens, colonial-style buildings and Andalusian and Castilian decorations. A symbol of Chinchón that, after an ambitious renovation and rehabilitation project, is fully equipped for the celebration of all kinds of celebrations, especially weddings and communions, due to its beauty, environment and capacity.

NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN continues to invest in sectors with a promising future full of possibilities.