NYESA reaches an agreement with Henara management company to join the Group
Non-cash capital increase
NYESA reaches an agreement with Henara management company to join the Group
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  • The transaction would involve the contribution of a controlling stake in the management company with an initial valuation of 4 million euros.
  • Henara is a housing cooperative management company with expected revenues of 15 million euros for the next three years.
  • NYESA considers the transaction to be of great strategic value due to the valuable synergies that will be generated.

NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN has entered into an investment agreement with several of its reference shareholders and with the companies Cercis Enterprise and Pinus Pinea Inversiones (the "investors") in order to agree on the conditions of a future non-cash capital increase, which would entail the contribution of shares in the company Henara Gestora Global representing 50.03% of its share capital, and which have a preliminary valuation, provided by the investors, of 4 million euros.

The transaction is conditional upon NYESA 's satisfaction of the legal, tax and financial review of Henara and the acceptance by the investors of an independent expert's valuation of the contribution to be made.

On the other hand, the expected issue price for the capital increase is 0.03 euros per share (of which 0.01 euros corresponds to the par value and 0.02 euros to the issue premium). The number of new NYESA shares to be issued would be approximately 134 million, although this figure could vary depending on the result of the valuation of the shares to be carried out by the independent expert.

High strategic value

NYESA will therefore initiate the due diligence process and request the appointment of such expert for the purposes of the valuation report of the planned contribution. It is expected that in the first weeks of fiscal year 2023 the market will be informed of the conclusions and, if necessary, the legal procedures for the execution of the capital increase will be initiated.

The company considers the transaction to be of great strategic value due to the valuable synergies that could be generated with the integration of this management company into the Group. The transaction represents a new step in the process of incorporating partners, investors and projects that contribute to consolidate the development of NYESA 's business.

Cooperative manager

Henara Gestora Global is a housing cooperative management company with a clear social vocation and extensive experience in the development and construction of housing, both free and subsidized.

It is currently managing projects with expected revenues of over 15 million euros in management fees to cooperatives over the next three years, in developments located in Madrid and Ciudad Real.

Henara currently manages, in the construction phase, two housing cooperatives located in Madrid city, with 98 housing units, 3 commercial premises and 127 parking spaces; and in the marketing phase it has another two cooperatives in Madrid and Ciudad Real, with a total of 162 housing units, 166 parking spaces, 3,800m2 of commercial premises and a 200 m2 public parking lot.

places. In addition, two other projects are in the project phase in the two cities mentioned above, and in the area of urban development of developable land, two more plots in Ciudad Real and Toledo.

In total, Henara is managing housing developments worth 151 MM euros with a time horizon of four years, consolidating itself in the sector with constant growth, contributing value to society, cities and citizens.

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