Board of Directors

CV curriculum vitae

Michel Lallement

(Appointment in February 2019)


Diploma in International Trade and financial training from the Institut Technique de Banque.


He has held various important positions, such as Operations Manager in the International Department of the Rothschild Bank (Paris), International Development Advisor at the Maison Du Commerce International De Strasbourg (C.I.I.) and responsible for the implementation of a Société Berger-Levrault plant in Libreville (Gabon).

He has also been Director of Commercial Operations in Madrid for Crédit Mutuel Bank, Commercial Director in Madrid for Seguros La Mondiale and President and CEO of several companies (Addax Consulting, S.L., Paraddax, Flying Robots SAS, etc.).

Gabriel J. Lopez

(Appointment in September 2017)


He studied in Madrid, Oxford, Rio de Janeiro and Paris, where he specialized in International Relations.


Founder and CEO of Inverdif Asesores EAF, an independent financial advisory firm, authorized and supervised by the CNMV. Member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

He has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the financial markets, having worked on the capital markets desk of Banesto Bolsa, Beta Capital, Fortis Bank and MG Valores as head of major accounts for the most prestigious Anglo-Saxon institutions.

Ruslan Eldarov

(Appointment in December 2018)


Bachelor's degree in history from L.N. Tolstoy State University.


He is currently the General Manager of MARMA, S.A. He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC MARMA, S.A.

He has extensive experience in the implementation of commodity production processes; in the introduction of transformation methods and improvement of working models in production; in the management of financial and administrative activities; in the introduction of production and process improvements and their implementation from scratch; and in the management of relations with the Russian Government and the Customs Department. He also has extensive experience and expertise in business crisis management.

Pedro Rodríguez Fernández

(Appointment in July 2021)


Degree in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


He is currently an audit and consulting partner of ETL GLOBAL AUDIT AUSSURANCE, S.L. and managing director of the CE CONSULTING Group. Precisely, his professional activity has been concentrated in the field of auditing accounts (Deloitte & Touche, LRA Auditores, S.L. and Crowe Spain), a task he has performed for more than 40 years and through which he has acquired extensive experience in listed companies.

He has participated in numerous capital markets transactions, company valuations and business combinations. Expert in the preparation of expert reports and arbitration proceedings. He has been appointed receiver in more than 80 companies and has participated as insolvency administrator in numerous insolvency proceedings.

Antonio Sainz Millán

(Appointment in November 2021)


He studied Physics at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. With four subjects to complete, he left the University to dedicate himself to the business world. He has numerous courses and seminars in the field of thought, philosophy, law and business.


He has belonged to the sectorial associations Mareva (drugstore and perfumery purchasing center) and the Spanish Self-Store Association. APROMAR Aquaculture Association and the only Spanish member of GCEC (Global Entrepreneurship Consortium).

For 35 years, he has founded and managed companies in various sectors (communication, architecture, construction, aquaculture...) and for the last decade he has dedicated part of his time to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the support of new projects and companies in difficulty.