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History of an ambitious project

The origins of the current NYESA Valores Corporación, S.A. date back to that year, when its corporate purpose was the iron and steel industry under the name Industrias del Besòs, S.A. (Inbesòs).

After forty years as a leader in the transformation of iron and steel products, the Catalan group is embarking on an ambitious business project that will mean abandoning its traditional iron and steel activity to begin its career in the real estate developmentsector.

It begins trading its shares on the Continuous Market of the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchanges.

Its assets are valued at over 170 million euros and its shares are one of the most traded in the sector on the continuous market.

The integration of Inbesòs into the Zaragoza-based real estate group Nyesa, owner of a group of assets valued at over 1,500 million euros and with extensive experience in urban development, property development and asset management. The result is a diversified group of companies with greater asset strength.

This marks the start of an ambitious business plan that has led the Group to become one of the leading real estate developers in Spain and to begin its international expansion with a presence in Portugal and Costa Rica.

The agreement also entails the incorporation into the Group of a significant portfolio of assets under management through agreements with leading international operators.

The company starts its activities in Costa Rica with "La Roca", a macro tourism, recreational and residential project.

Inbesòs definitively changes its name to NYESA Valores Corporación, as a result of the integration of Grupo Inbesòs and Grupo NYESA.

On 29 September NYESA ceased trading on the stock exchange after filing for voluntary insolvency proceedings. Time would show what a great achievement it had been to succeed in a period in which the vast majority of real estate companies in a similar situation ended up in liquidation.

Following a profound transformation aimed at projecting a stronger and healthierbusiness group , NYESA Valores Corporación's shares were re-listed on the stock exchange on 22 January.

A new business project begins, with new shareholders, a new management team and new assets.

On this basis, NYESA Valores is divesting itself of non-strategic projects and assets, significantly reducing its debt and restructuring its equity, the net worth of which amounts to more than 35 million euros.

At the beginning of the year, with the aim of expanding its presence in emerging international markets, NYESA is planning the "Narva Loft" real estate scheme in Moscow.

On 21 February, Olaf y Rubí, S.L. became a shareholder of the company with the integration of a strategic asset of vital importance, the "Torres de Hércules" building, located in the Bay of Algeciras and the first industrial centre in Andalusia.

The result is the formation of a new Board of Directors and a change in strategy, which translates into the optimal exploitation of its three main lines of business: real estate, property and international. And with the firm intention of incorporating other areas.

NYESA adopts a new philosophy and a new business policy based on a process of growth, diversification and in-depth knowledge of the market.

In two transactions, the company acquired 378 assets, mainly homes, of various types.

NYESA and Roxa Group sign an agreement to open two hotels in Moscow and Costa Rica.

In an environment as worrying as the one caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, NYESA presents a proposal to modify the creditors' agreement, based on a new Viability and Payment Plan.

The launch of NYESA Renovables is announced with the aim of initiating strategic moves in the green energy sector.

Through its subsidiary NYESA Renovables and in alliance with Soltium Renovables, it acquires a significant stake in Contratas Leza, which specialises in the assembly of photovoltaic plants.

NYESA adds two new assets to its portfolio, the Posidonia and Caballito de Mar hotels in Benidorm (Alicante). It also incorporates the 'Venta Reyes' estate (Chinchón)
for holding all kinds of events.

In May, Zaragoza Commercial Court No. 1 announces the final approval of the proposal to amend the creditors' agreement presented by the company, which was supported by more than 60% of the creditors.

In June, NYESA Valores carried out a capital increase of 51.32 million euros. NYESA's share capital would increase to 91.8 million euros, with 6,122 million shares.

On 22 February, the CNMV approved the prospectus for the last two capital increases (agreed in 2019 and 2021). The company's share capital now stands at 91.83 million and the number of shares rises to 6,122,535,236.

NYESA closed 2021 with a positive financial result of 14.86 million euros, compared to 220 thousand euros in the same period of the previous year. The Group obtained a net profit of 9.81 million euros.

At the beginning of April, NYESA cancelled its debt of 2.85 million euros with Liberbank (Unicaja Banco), which is part of the company's financial restructuring process.

On June 30, the Shareholders' Meeting approves the resolutions that will opena new phase in the company: the 2021 annual accounts, two capital reductions, a pooling of shares and a series of non-cash capital increases.

Among other assets, a hotel in El Ejido (Almería) and a sports and leisure center in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) were added to the Group.

NYESA reaches an agreement with Henara, a housing cooperative manager, to join the Group.

On April 10, once all the resolutions approved by the General Shareholders' Meeting of June 30, 2022 have been registered, Nyesa informs the CNMV that its share capital now amounts to 11,963,562.84 euros.