Strategy, Expansion and FUTURE

We are composing a new scenario based on diversity and a shared path.

Reasons for TRUST

Adaptation, development and equity balance to embark on a new journey

Recovering the PULSE

Change in management and a change in strategy

2019 marks a before and after

in the already long history of NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN. A turning point that anticipates a change in the Company's policy with a view to a future of growth and consolidation. 

The entry of new shareholders during the first quarter of the year brings with it a

The Group's management is undergoing a change of leadership and a necessary change in business strategy.

The objective, in the first instance, was to concentrate all efforts on clearing the acquired debt, on the amendment of the creditors' agreement and on financial restructuring, all in order to make the project more solid.

On the other hand, the new moves will place the company's core business in the management of finished and rental real estate assets that allow for immediate and recurring revenues.

A new Feasibility Plan is thus launched.

which, in any case, will continue to maintain the Company's three classic lines of business - real estate, property and international - but with the clear intention of opening up new markets and tackling new lines of business.

Reinforcing the term CORPORATION

NYESA seeks to grow and not to sell

We are so convinced of its success that we want to incorporate NEW PARTNERS AND NEW PROJECTS that, in accordance with the Group's basic requirements and approaches, will provide the Group with more and better muscle. In short, it is a matter of consolidating on the basis of COLLABORATION and SHARED CHALLENGE. We want to make our way in company.

NYESA VALORES CORPORACIÓN, in accordance with this new Viability Plan, will incorporate NEW BUSINESS AREAS to its three classic scenarios. Areas which, under the current parameters, exploit the tremendous possibilities of renewable energies, technology (R&D), sustainability projects, responsible leisure and event organisation.

In short, it is no longer just a matter of diversifying risk, but of reinforcing the term 'CORPORATION' within the NVC Group. A concept that will mark the future of the company from now on.

These will now be our hallmarks, which can make us a benchmark Corporation in Spain.

Looking at the FUTURE

a new scenario

And after travelling this road full of challenges, expectations, frustrations and desires, NYESA is looking to the future. A future as exciting as it is demanding. A future that will demand the best of the Company. The best of each and every one of us.

And for this challenge we have begun to move the pieces that will make up a new scenario, a change in the essence of the Company and in its strategy. Necessary and essential.

NYESA is thus working on a series of key points to pave the ground that can be sensed in the distance. Points that, fundamentally, will involve continuing to REDUCE DEBT and continuing to consolidate the process of FINANCIAL RESTRUCTURING that will give certainty and authenticity to the project we have in hand.